ComfyUI Prompt Techniques

Prompt input does not support Chinese, so it is recommended to use a translation plugin or translation software for translation. Recommended translation plugin: SalaDict (opens in a new tab)

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How to adjust the weight of prompts in ComfyUI?

Here are the methods to adjust the weight of prompts in ComfyUI:

1. Use English parentheses and specify the weight

Use (prompt:weight)

Example: (1girl:1.1)

2. Use English parentheses () to increase weight

You can use (prompt) to increase the weight of the prompt to 1.1 times the original

Example: (1girl)

Increase Weight Shortcut Keys

After selecting the prompt:

  • The keyboard Ctrl + Up↑ (Up arrow key) can increase the weight of the corresponding prompt by 0.05
  • The keyboard Ctrl + Down↓ (Down arrow key) can decrease the weight of the corresponding prompt by 0.05

How to make ComfyUI randomly call prompt content?

Using {option1|option2|option3|...} allows ComfyUI to randomly select one prompt to participate in the image generation process

Example: {red|blue|green} will choose one of the colors

Recommended Common Prompts

Enhancing Image Quality Prompts

HDR, UHD, 64KEnhance photo quality, increase dynamic range (HDR), ultra-high resolution (UHD, including 4K, 8K, and 64K)
Highly detailedIncrease the fineness of the image, showing more details
Studio lightingAdd professional studio lighting effects, giving the image rich textures
ProfessionalAdjust color contrast and detail levels, significantly enhancing the professional feel of the image
Vivid ColorsEnhance color saturation, infusing the image with vivid vitality
BokehAchieve background blur, similar to the portrait mode of the iPhone, highlighting the subject
High resolution scanHigh precision scanning, giving the photo a vintage texture and adding a sense of age
SketchTransform the image into a sketch style
PaintingTranslate the image into a painting effect

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