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Exponential Scheduler

Exponential Scheduler



  • Class name: ExponentialScheduler
  • Category: sampling/custom_sampling/schedulers
  • Output node: False

The ExponentialScheduler node is designed to generate a sequence of sigma values following an exponential schedule for diffusion sampling processes. It provides a customizable approach to control the noise levels applied at each step of the diffusion process, allowing for fine-tuning of the sampling behavior.

Input types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
stepsINTSpecifies the number of steps in the diffusion process. It influences the length of the generated sigma sequence and thus the granularity of the noise application.
sigma_maxFLOATDefines the maximum sigma value, setting the upper limit of noise intensity in the diffusion process. It plays a crucial role in determining the range of noise levels applied.
sigma_minFLOATSets the minimum sigma value, establishing the lower boundary of noise intensity. This parameter helps in fine-tuning the starting point of the noise application.

Output types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
sigmasSIGMASA sequence of sigma values generated according to the exponential schedule. These values are used to control the noise levels at each step of the diffusion process.