ComfyUI Nodes
Rebatch Images

Rebatch Images

comfyUI节点- Rebatch Images|重设图像批次


  • Class name: RebatchImages
  • Category: image/batch
  • Output node: False

The RebatchImages node is designed to reorganize a batch of images into a new batch configuration, adjusting the batch size as specified. This process is essential for managing and optimizing the processing of image data in batch operations, ensuring that images are grouped according to the desired batch size for efficient handling.

Input types

FieldComfy dtypeDescription
imagesIMAGEA list of images to be rebatched. This parameter is crucial for determining the input data that will undergo the rebatching process.
batch_sizeINTSpecifies the desired size of the output batches. This parameter directly influences how the input images are grouped and processed, impacting the structure of the output.

Output types

FieldComfy dtypeDescription
imageIMAGEThe output consists of a list of image batches, reorganized according to the specified batch size. This allows for flexible and efficient processing of image data in batch operations.