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Checkpoint Save

Checkpoint Save



  • Class name: CheckpointSave
  • Category: advanced/model_merging
  • Output node: True

The CheckpointSave node is designed for saving the state of various model components, including models, CLIP, and VAE, into a checkpoint file. This functionality is crucial for preserving the training progress or configuration of models for later use or sharing.

Input types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
modelMODELThe model parameter represents the primary model whose state is to be saved. It is essential for capturing the current state of the model for future restoration or analysis.
clipCLIPThe clip parameter is intended for the CLIP model associated with the primary model, allowing its state to be saved alongside the main model.
vaeVAEThe vae parameter is for the Variational Autoencoder (VAE) model, enabling its state to be saved for future use or analysis alongside the main model and CLIP.
filename_prefixSTRINGThis parameter specifies the prefix for the filename under which the checkpoint will be saved, providing a means to organize and identify saved checkpoints.

Output types

This node doesn't have output types.