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Latent Upscale By

Upscale Latent By

comfyUI节点- Upscale latent by|Latent按系数缩放


  • Class name: LatentUpscaleBy
  • Category: latent
  • Output node: False

The LatentUpscaleBy node is designed for upscaling latent representations of images. It allows for the adjustment of the scale factor and the method of upscaling, providing flexibility in enhancing the resolution of latent samples.

Input types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
samplesLATENTThe latent representation of images to be upscaled. This parameter is crucial for determining the input data that will undergo the upscaling process.
upscale_methodCOMBO[STRING]Specifies the method used for upscaling the latent samples. The choice of method can significantly affect the quality and characteristics of the upscaled output.
scale_byFLOATDetermines the factor by which the latent samples are scaled. This parameter directly influences the resolution of the output, allowing for precise control over the upscaling process.

Output types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
latentLATENTThe upscaled latent representation, ready for further processing or generation tasks. This output is essential for enhancing the resolution of generated images or for subsequent model operations.