About ComfyUI WIKI

ComfyUI WIKI Quick Reference Manual

This is a simple and easy-to-use online quick reference manual, designed to provide quick lookup for ComfyUI-related node functions and help you quickly understand the functions and roles of each node in ComfyUI.

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Install ComfyUIIntroduces common ways to install ComfyUI and start your journey of learning ComfyUI
User InterfaceComfyUI interface functions and common operations, including shortcut keys, file storage paths, system common setting item functions, etc.
Node ManualProvides interpretations of the functions of all common nodes in ComfyUI, 🚧 Examples have not been made yet
Usage ExamplesUsage examples of ComfyUI, currently the example content comes from the official repository of ComfyUI
Related ResourcesProvides some online websites and tools that you will use in learning ComfyUI
GlossaryI will organize the terms and common vocabulary related to ComfyUI and Stable diffusion AI drawing that I encounter in my daily life here
AttributionThe original sources of the reference documents referred to or directly quoted in the production of this manual, as well as the tools used, etc.
FAQSome common questions that will be encountered in ComfyUI, from the official documentation
About MeSome brief introduction about the author

Due to limited energy and proficiency in English, some parts of the manual were translated with the assistance of AI.

The Reason for Creating the ComfyUI WIKI

Since ComfyUI, as a node-based programming Stable Diffusion GUI interface, has a certain level of difficulty to get started, this manual aims to provide an online quick reference for the functions and roles of each node battery. Due to limited energy, the content is being gradually improved.

Of course, ComfyUI also has community English documentation, but it is not very comprehensive. Currently, I have also seen many documents in China that simply translated the community's documents and published them. I think this kind of content is somewhat helpful but very limited in solving problems, and there is no detailed explanation and example.

In addition, because I am also gradually learning ComfyUI, it is inevitable that there will be errors in the node explanations. If you encounter any errors in the content, you can provide the page link and feedback to me through my email archcookie@qq.com, and I will check and correct it as soon as possible.

After the long introduction above, I hope that with the help of this document, you can learn about ComfyUI more smoothly.