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Latent Composite

Latent Composite

comfyUI节点-Latent Composite|Latent复合


  • Class name: LatentComposite
  • Category: latent
  • Output node: False

The LatentComposite node is designed to blend or merge two latent representations into a single output. This process is essential for creating composite images or features by combining the characteristics of the input latents in a controlled manner.

Input types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
samples_toLATENTThe 'samples_to' latent representation where the 'samples_from' will be composited onto. It serves as the base for the composite operation.
samples_fromLATENTThe 'samples_from' latent representation to be composited onto the 'samples_to'. It contributes its features or characteristics to the final composite output.
xINTThe x-coordinate (horizontal position) where the 'samples_from' latent will be placed on the 'samples_to'. It determines the horizontal alignment of the composite.
yINTThe y-coordinate (vertical position) where the 'samples_from' latent will be placed on the 'samples_to'. It determines the vertical alignment of the composite.
featherINTA boolean indicating whether the 'samples_from' latent should be resized to match the 'samples_to' before compositing. This can affect the scale and proportion of the composite result.

Output types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
latentLATENTThe output is a composite latent representation, blending the features of both 'samples_to' and 'samples_from' latents based on the specified coordinates and resizing option.