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Image Quantize

Image Quantize



  • Class name: ImageQuantize
  • Category: image/postprocessing
  • Output node: False

The ImageQuantize node is designed to reduce the number of colors in an image to a specified number, optionally applying dithering techniques to maintain visual quality. This process is useful for creating palette-based images or reducing the color complexity for certain applications.

Input types

FieldComfy dtypeDescription
imageIMAGEThe input image tensor to be quantized. It affects the node's execution by being the primary data upon which color reduction is performed.
colorsINTSpecifies the number of colors to reduce the image to. It directly influences the quantization process by determining the color palette size.
ditherCOMBO[STRING]Determines the dithering technique to be applied during quantization, affecting the visual quality and appearance of the output image.

Output types

FieldComfy dtypeDescription
imageIMAGEThe quantized version of the input image, with reduced color complexity and optionally dithered to maintain visual quality.