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Stable Zero123 Conditioning

Stable Zero 123 Conditioning



  • Class name: StableZero123_Conditioning
  • Category: conditioning/3d_models
  • Output node: False

This node is designed to process and condition data for use in StableZero123 models, focusing on preparing the input in a specific format that is compatible and optimized for these models.

Input types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
clip_visionCLIP_VISIONProcesses visual data to align with the model's requirements, enhancing the model's understanding of visual context.
init_imageIMAGEServes as the initial image input for the model, setting the baseline for further image-based operations.
vaeVAEIntegrates variational autoencoder outputs, facilitating the model's ability to generate or modify images.
widthINTSpecifies the width of the output image, allowing for dynamic resizing according to model needs.
heightINTDetermines the height of the output image, enabling customization of the output dimensions.
batch_sizeINTControls the number of images processed in a single batch, optimizing computational efficiency.
elevationFLOATAdjusts the elevation angle for 3D model rendering, enhancing the model's spatial understanding.
azimuthFLOATModifies the azimuth angle for 3D model visualization, improving the model's perception of orientation.

Output types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
positiveCONDITIONINGGenerates positive conditioning vectors, aiding in the model's positive feature reinforcement.
negativeCONDITIONINGProduces negative conditioning vectors, assisting in the model's avoidance of certain features.
latentLATENTCreates latent representations, facilitating deeper model insights into the data.