Comfyui Examples

ComfyUI (opens in a new tab) Examples

This repo (opens in a new tab) contains examples of what is achievable with ComfyUI (opens in a new tab). All the images in this repo contain metadata which means they can be loaded into ComfyUI with the Load button (or dragged onto the window) to get the full workflow that was used to create the image.

A good place to start if you have no idea how any of this works is the:

ComfyUI Basic Tutorial VN (opens in a new tab): All the art is made with ComfyUI. (early and not finished)

Here are some more advanced examples:

"Hires Fix" aka 2 Pass Txt2Img





Embeddings/Textual Inversion

Upscale Models (ESRGAN, etc..)

Area Composition

Noisy Latent Composition

ControlNets and T2I-Adapter




Model Merging



SDXL Turbo

Stable Cascade

Edit/InstructPix2Pix Models

Video Models


WIP LLM Assisted Documentation (opens in a new tab) of every node

The old Node Guide (WIP) (opens in a new tab) documents what most nodes do.

You might also want to check out the: Frequently Asked Questions

The ComfyUI Blog (opens in a new tab) is also a source of various information.

Other Sources of Examples/Information:

Workflows and other General Information:

https://github.com/wyrde/wyrde-comfyui-workflows (opens in a new tab)

Third party websites for uploading and sharing workflows:

https://github.com/atlasunified/Templates-ComfyUI- (opens in a new tab)

Custom Nodes/extensions:

ComfyUI is extensible and many people have written some great custom nodes for it.

Note that I am not responsible if one of these breaks your workflows, your ComfyUI install or anything else.

Here are some places where you can find some:

ComfyUI Custom Node Manager (opens in a new tab)

https://github.com/WASasquatch/comfyui-plugins (opens in a new tab)

This blog post if you scroll down a bit (opens in a new tab)