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ComfyUI Node Interface Explanation

This section explains the workflow node interface of ComfyUI, where you can learn about some of the common operational options for corresponding nodes.

How to Create a New Workflow Node?

Here are several ways you can create a new node:

  1. Right-click on an empty area to bring up the context menu.
Add Comfy UI Node
  1. Double-click with the left mouse button to bring up the search menu.
Double-click on the blank area to summon the search panel
  1. Use copy functions like Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V for existing node content.

Node Interface Explanation

ComfyUI Node Interface

A typical node usually consists of the following parts:

  • Node name information (can be modified through the context menu)
  • Input: Supports input types distinguished by different colors, and only matching types can be connected
  • Output: Outputs different types of information after node processing (different colors represent different outputs)
  • Parameter: The parameter setting part

Node Menu Options

Right-click on any node option to bring up the node's related menu.

Node Menu

In the node menu, there are mainly two categories:

  • Appearance options: Such as setting or modifying the node name, size, color, shape, collapse, etc.
  • Functional options: Such as converting the node's parameter part into an input / editing state of the components inside the node

By dragging on the input/output points of the corresponding node, you can bring up the menu for that node, showing other nodes that can be connected to this connection point.

ComfyUI Node Interface - Connection Point Menu

Node Error State

When there is an error with a node, it will display the status as shown in the following figure, with a red outline on the frame, and there will be a red circle prompt on the corresponding connected node, indicating that the connection point is not connected.