ComfyUI Nodes
Save Animated Webp

Save Animated WEBP



  • Class name: SaveAnimatedWEBP
  • Category: image/animation
  • Output node: True

This node is designed for saving a sequence of images as an animated WEBP file. It handles the aggregation of individual frames into a cohesive animation, applying specified metadata, and optimizing the output based on quality and compression settings.

Input types

FieldComfy dtypeDescription
imagesIMAGEA list of images to be saved as frames in the animated WEBP. This parameter is essential for defining the visual content of the animation.
filename_prefixSTRINGSpecifies the base name for the output file, which will be appended with a counter and the '.webp' extension. This parameter is crucial for identifying and organizing the saved files.
fpsFLOATThe frames per second rate for the animation, influencing the playback speed.
losslessBOOLEANA boolean indicating whether to use lossless compression, affecting the file size and quality of the animation.
qualityINTA value between 0 and 100 that sets the compression quality level, with higher values resulting in better image quality but larger file sizes.
methodCOMBO[STRING]Specifies the compression method to use, which can impact the encoding speed and file size.

Output types

FieldComfy dtypeDescription
uiN/AProvides a UI component displaying the saved animated WEBP images along with their metadata, and indicates whether the animation is enabled.