ComfyUI Nodes
Conditinoing Settimestep Range

Conditioning Set Timestep Range



  • Class name: ConditioningSetTimestepRange
  • Category: advanced/conditioning
  • Output node: False

This node is designed to adjust the temporal aspect of conditioning by setting a specific range of timesteps. It allows for the precise control over the start and end points of the conditioning process, enabling more targeted and efficient generation.

ConditioningSetTimestepRange Input types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
conditioningCONDITIONINGThe conditioning input represents the current state of the generation process, which this node modifies by setting a specific range of timesteps.
startFLOATThe start parameter specifies the beginning of the timestep range as a percentage of the total generation process, allowing for fine-tuned control over when the conditioning effects begin.
endFLOATThe end parameter defines the endpoint of the timestep range as a percentage, enabling precise control over the duration and conclusion of the conditioning effects.

ConditioningSetTimestepRange Output types

ParameterComfy dtypeDescription
conditioningCONDITIONINGThe output is the modified conditioning with the specified timestep range applied, ready for further processing or generation.